UPDATED FXHollandTraderEA MT4 Expert Advisor

UPDATED FXHollandTraderEA MT4 Expert Advisor

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You receive: FXHollandTrader Final edition expert advisor MT4, with best settings and setup file forex Trading mt4 good profit receive fast time in forex

always send update to all who buy it with latest setting for good profit.

1. Works with any Broker And any Account type
2. Minimum deposit needed is $200 or better Cent Account
3. Minimum leverage needed is 1:30
4. Minimum lot size needed is 0.01
5. Any high-volatility pairs 
6. Uses NO martingale
7. Uses NO grid
8. Uses NO hedging
9. Intraday scalping strategy
10. Full auto-trading 24/5 

11.No Need for optimization


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